A snippet of love and appreciation for Ram Dass

I remember being 18 or 19 when I first purchased Be Here Now. I had seen this book in photos, it had been shown to me previously by friends... generally, this book was circulating throughout my life and I consistently crossed paths with it. Finally, I found it at a half priced books for 4.99 and went ahead and bought it. Like most books (to be honest) it sat on my shelf untouched for months. Until one night me and a close friend decided to influence ourselves with lysergic acid diethylamide. I eventually remembered that I had this book—we spent HOURS crying and reading it over and over again. We did this until the sun came up and it was time to be normal.  7 AM, I was standing outside barefoot, in my underwear watching the sunrise with my dear friend, as people drove by on their way to work. In that moment life and unconditional love truly made sense to me... I realized you are in charge of your own being and life— sure, you can play along and have a 9-5 job, make home payments, settle down and have children—The societal norm. I understand and respect that most strive for this but something about it has not resonated with me since I was a young girl and it always made me feel out of place. Ultimately, the lesson I have held onto even years after that night: Life is what you make of it and we create our own realities. Thank you Baba Ram Dass, for sharing your teachings and insight on love, may we cross paths again.