Messages from the Vine

Dear fellow humans and plant lovers, I am humbled to have been offered the space here to share a tiny glimpse into my experience with an ancient and all-knowing plant medicine, Ayahuasca. Drinking this brew was like having a bridge created between human and plant consciousness, allowing it to communicate with me directly, in the most unimaginably creative and insightful ways. She works on you however is needed, tugging at bad habits and old grief stored in your subconscious. She pulls out the unnecessary baggage with compassion and grace— meeting pain with love, she is a perfect mirror. I left this experience feeling lighter, liberated, relieved and honored to have been in the presence of such an entity.  I left feeling motivated and aware of all the work I need to do— the work that so many of us need to do, to stay connected with this planet and learn to live in harmony with the undeniably beautiful all-encompassing force of nature.  Thank you for recognizing this natural drive to live in line with the forces that allow you to be, to know them deeply and honor them. Thank you for being here to read this.