May Queen Smoke Wand

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Wild yarrow, lavender + white sage flower stalks that have been collected and grown with love.  Dispels negative energy while inviting in the peaceful + protective properties these plants have to offer.

Wild yarrow is often called on when one is in need of her protective energy—she invites one to stand their ground and claim their space.

In the sweet floral aroma of lavender we find a deep feeling of calm that grounds our beings through the senses.

White sage has been used for centuries by indigenous people in northwestern Mexico + Southern California. This plant dispels stagnancy + negativity that may linger in the home, or on ones being.

Hand bound with love.

Due to popularity + high demand, white sage is often over harvested illegally on indigenous land and is now being sold commercially. This plant is endemic, meaning it only grows in one part of the world so be mindful of where you are sourcing your white sage! 

Corazón Verde offers organically cultivated white sage that we’ve lovingly grown ourselves for years.