Sacred Vessel Body Butter

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Treating our bodies as temples— this decadent body butter was made with Palo Santo infused oil and Frankincense, it carries hints of wood, sweetness, with light citrus notes— it reminds of of what the desert smells like after it rains. Both of these plant offerings have been held with love  for their spiritual properties.

Frankincense— a resin that forms when there is damage to the bark of the tree— this resin seeps out to protect the wounded tree.  In a sense, it does the same for our skin, helping heal scars—while also reducing inflammation when used topically. This sacred tree sap also offers us grounding, protection, as well as purification.

 Palo Santo— offers its gifts of abundance, prosperity and cleansing negative energies. Works wonders on sore muscles, neck tension, it also reduces the appearance of inflammation in our skin.


Massage into your skin after taking a hot bath— it may feel heavy on your skin at first but absorbs within a few minutes.


Contains no essential oils.


4oz. Jar.


Local to ATX? Free pick up available at Yarrow & Sage Co-op located at 701 E. 53rd St Austin, TX 78751