Sagrado Corazón Elixir

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Sacred Heart Elixir— This Spirit Medicine was made with the intention of calling in the ability to speak from your heart, while also mending broken hearts. Combined prickly pear + rose petals encourages us to stay true to ourselves by living through our heart— and helping us reinforce our boundaries.

 In nature, prickly pear + wild rose live in abundance, provide food for many animals + pollinators but enforces fierce boundaries— we are reminded of these boundaries each time we graze a thorn. You must respect the boundaries + be mindful of their space if you want the fruits of these beings.

 Rose—a sensual flower that makes us feel embodied in our being, helping us feel soft and open. Vitamin C rich, Nutritive, Anti-oxidant rich, heart medicine.

 Prickly Pear—A food so abundant that is native to central Texas— rich in anti-oxidants, soothing to inflamed tissues, works as preventative medicine for our hearts.

 Contains Honey 

 1 oz. bottle with dropper cap.


Local to ATX? Free pick up available at Yarrow & Sage Co-op located at 701 E. 53rd St Austin, TX 78751